Born in Lyallpur, India in 1920, Mr. Ashraf Riaz graduated from the prestigious Government College Lahore before starting his career as a clerk in a government office in Calcutta. He later joined Isphani and Co., a famous tea company. Following the partition of India in 1947, he moved to Karachi and remained with the Isphani group, managing their airline business, Orient Airways, which eventually became Pakistan International Airlines.

Despite having an entrepreneurial spirit, it wasn't until 1949, encouraged by his colleagues and family, that Mr. Riaz laid the foundation for Imrooz. He set up a small office in Karachi, in what was then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), selling bicycle spare parts. Over the years, under his leadership, Imrooz expanded into industrial raw material agency representation, trading, and milk-food manufacturing in the early ‘70s.

Although Mr. Riaz's untimely death in 1974 was a significant setback for the family, he left behind a strong legacy and values that his sons carried forward for future generations. The Ashraf Riaz family business is now recognized as a well-established and successful business endeavour, led with integrity and high values.

Currently, the business is entering its third generation, with Mr. Ashraf Riaz's grandchildren being inducted into the company under a carefully managed programme supervised by his three sons and current directors, Mr. Naveed Riaz, Mr. Ateed Riaz, and Mr. Ameed Riaz, to carry on the family legacy.